Massive Blood Drive PSA Day 2: “BE A HERO” Written and Directed by Vanessa Ionta Wright

Artist Statement

I was really honored to be invited to create a PSA for the WiHM Massive Blood Drive. This is a brilliant idea to blend the world of horror filmmaking with such an important cause. I think it's easy to take our blood for granted. It is crucial to donate. I hear people say all the time "I wish I could do something to help" and this is probably the most simple and effective means of helping others. Giving your blood will save lives and I am so grateful to be a part of such an amazing cause. The theme this year of Be a Hero is so appropriate, because when you give blood, when you save a life, you become a hero.

Filmmaker Bio

Vanessa Ionta Wright is a filmmaker based in the metro Atlanta area. Vanessa collaborated with DP Mark Simon (One Missed Call), David Irwin  (House of 1000 Corpses), Josh Oliver (Oculus) and writer/producer Samantha  Kolesnik on RAINY SEASON, based on the story by Stephen King. She also directed I BAKED HIM A CAKE (written by Samantha Kolesnik) and most recently a PSA for TWISTED TWINS PRODUCTIONS Massive Blood Drive (Feb 2018).  Vanessa graduated from Ohio University with a degree in Video  Production & Film. She is a lifelong fan of cinema, most especially the horror genre. She enjoys  punctuality,  scary movies, a quick wit, sandwiches, the music of Michael Jackson, Halloween &  Bacon Jam.  She does not enjoy bugs, clowns, perpetual lateness, mean people, oppression, laziness, running more than 3 miles or curved walls.

Make an Appointment to Donate Blood Today!

You can’t think horror without thinking blood! Every February, Women in Horror Month (WiHM) collaborates with Twisted Twins Productions, encouraging our supporters to donate blood.*

This annual call-to-action is a reminder that blood donation is a life-saving act in which you can claim hero status without taking out a horde of rotting zombies or blowing up the mothership. In fact, all it really requires to potentially save someone's life is making an appointment with the American Red CrossCanadian Blood Services, or at your local hospital.

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