Sirens Call Publications releases “The Sirens Call: Women in Horror (2nd annual edition) and it’s Awesome!

Sirens Call Publications has just released the jam-packed 13th issue of The Sirens Call celebrating women in horror and Women in Horror Recognition Month!

This is truly an impressive collection of fiction, poetry, photography, and multiple editorials on what Women in Horror Means means to the individual editors.


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“This February marks the fifth annual Women in Horror Recognition Month. Why do we even need one? Do we, as women, feel a need to toot our own horns and exclude the male gender for a month? Do we really do something so extraordinarily special that we deserve more recognition than the men in our genre? Do we need a whole month to ourselves because it’s just one more thing we need to have? The answer to all of those questions is NO.

The reason I support Women in Horror Recognition Month is because women, just like men, work very hard at their craft. Whether it’s in the film industry, a television studio, as an artist, author, or any other element of the horror realm, we work damn hard at it and deserve recognition for our efforts. Not because we’re women, but because we’re putting everything we have into what has captured our minds and imaginations-horror–and this is a terrific way of celebrating it.”
Excerpt from “Why Do I Support WiHRMonth: An Editorial” by Nina D’Arcangela